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Jentel, (pronounced gentle) a native Texan, chose dentistry because she wanted to help others and also make a difference in her community. She is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry and Bronx-Lebanon GPR. She has practiced in multiple areas of dentistry-contracting for the US Army, Veterans Affairs staff dentist, community centers, private practice, Locum tenens, military events as an exam dentist, and as an Affiliate Faculty member at VCU School of Dentistry. She has enjoyed all of my experiences in Dentistry, but truly feel compelled to help those who need it the most

Dentonio born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in the paradise island of Barbados. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland Dental School. He went to Fort Bragg, and was deployed for 1 year to Iraq. He came back, worked for a year, and then started the Endodontic Residency at Ft. Bragg. He completed the residency in 2011. He believes in reaching out to those less fortunate-participating in RAM events, volunteering in the Endodontics Department at VCU School of Dentistry and mentoring many young men and women of color to become successful dentists. His passion is finances! He believes in living a “debt free” life and encouraging others to leave a financial legacy for their children and multiple generations thereafter.

The Worrell's
Our family philosophy is: Put God first! We bend and never break because He is in control of our lives. We believe that giving children the opportunity to strive for greatness is where it all starts. Not just educating them about their oral health but sharing our own experiences about the roads we’ve traveled to get where we are. We know that “it takes a village to raise a child.” We are happy to impart knowledge into those that are willing to listen. We are currently imparting into our two active, inquisitive, and beautiful children Summa (9) and Joel (7). They’ve humbled us in a way that we could’ve never imagined We are definitely the four musketeers!

Dr WorrellDentistry has taken us to many places through the US Army. We’ve lived in NC (Fort Bragg); NY (Fort Drum); Belgium (SHAPE), Virginia (Fort Lee). Each place is unique and has beauty to it. Our favorite duty station was Belgium because it allowed us to see 19 countries in 3 years! We absolutely loved Croatia! Turquoise water, amazing gelato, and the Sea Organ in Zadar! (What’s not to love!)

Dentistry has taken us to many places
through the US Army.

The architecture in Sweden was beyond compare. The friendliness of the Italians melted our hearts when our son was allowed to bring a huge stick into a restaurant that opened for us during the siesta time.

Coming in a close second is Fort Lee. Fort Lee is 30 minutes from Richmond and nestled in a relaxed area without the hustle and bustle. We have volunteered our time at VCU Dental School-working with 1st years all the way to the graduating seniors. What a way to give back and to share a smile with our future colleagues! We’ve seen the beautiful mountains in Roanoke and the beach at Fort Story in Virginia Beach. A gorgeous state with so much LOVE! We’ve captured as many LOVE signs as we could on our road adventures.

our children

Our careers in dentistry are much bigger than us! We can touch so many with our physical gifts of healing, restoring teeth, and smiles. Dentistry has allowed us to meet some amazing people and see some wonderful sights.

We are grateful for having a family within ODDS and PBR. It gives us great pride to see so many of our brothers and sisters showing excellence in our profession. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms!

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