Old Dominion Dental Society Awards

President’s Award


Dr. Erma Freeman1983
Dr. James McCain1985
Dr, James D. Watkins1986
Dr. Jasper Watts1987
Dr. Joseph A. Riley1989
Dr. Ford T. Johnson1990
Dr. Robert Mealy, III1991
Dr. Barry I. Griffin1992
Dr, Joseph A. Riley1993
Dr. James D. Watkins1993
Dr. Ford T. Johnson1995
Dr. Vernon Rainey1996
Dr. Monroe Harris, Jr.1997
Dr. Zachary Hairston1998
Dr. James D. Watkins1999
Dr. Jon L. Scott2000
Dr. Ernest Knight2001
Dr. Randy Adams2002
Dr. Ralph Anderson2003
Dr. Mckinley Price2004
Dr. Charles K. Johnson2005
Dr. Lorenzo Modeste2006
Dr. Derrick Broadway2007
Dr. Walter Claytor2007
Dr. Kennan Davis2008
Dr. J. B. Martin IV2009
Dr. Lorenzo Modeste2010
Dr. Sonya Thomas-Webb2011
Dr. McKinley L. Price2012
Dr. John W. Jones2013
Dr. Jason R. Paige2014
Dr. Lorenzo Modeste2015
Dr. Wakeshi Benson2016

Dentist of the Year


Dr. C. Benson Clark1985
Dr. James Lewis1986
Dr. James D. Watkins1987
Dr. Mckinley Price1989
Dr. James D. Watkins1990
Dr. Erma Freeman1991
Dr. Ralph Anderson1992
Dr. Anthony Malloy, Jr.1993
Dr. Joseph A. Riley1994
Dr. Jasper Watts1995
Dr. Beverly Johnson1996
Dr. Vernon Rainey1997
Dr. Monroe Harris Jr.1998
Dr. Anthony Malloy, Jr.1999
Dr. Hugo Owens2000
Dr. Jon Scott2001
Dr. Charles K. Johnson2003
Dr. Barry I. Griffin2004
Dr. James D. Watkins2005
Dr. Mckinley L. Price2006
Dr. Randy Adams2008
Dr. Charles J. Hackett, Jr.2009
Dr. Mckinley L. Price2010
Dr. Zachary Hairston2011
Dr. Ralph Anderson2012
Dr. Ralph Anderson2013 *Centennial Award
Dr. Lori Wilson2014
Dr. Nate Bryant2015
Dr. Jason R. Paige2016

2016 Award Winning


Dr. Wakeshi Benson
President’s Award Recipient

Dr. Jason R. Paige
Dentist of the Year Recipient

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