Dr. Lori Wilson

I love to travel. My father who was in the army made a point of making sure every summer, we all went on a family vacation. So he would save money on his sergeant’s salary throughout the year and then in the summer we would embark on an adventure. Part of my childhood rearing was in Europe and most of these vacations were Spain, France and old castles in Germany. As a child, you never really realize the significance of such an exposure until you reach adulthood. But our travels were pretty cool.

Dr Lori in IcelandSome of the places I traveled have been to Athens, Greece; Milan, Italy; Reykjavik, Iceland and most of the Caribbean (St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, St. Martin, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica  and Barbados ) On of my favorite places is Iceland!! I have been there 4 times because of the geothermal spa Blue Lagoon.

My book club called Sista Chat meets quarterly and we read wonderful books. I love to read and along with my love to travel, I have traveled with my book club to Greece and Martha’s Vineyard. We have read books such as The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Martha’s Vineyard: African Americans at home on an island.

With my love to read and travel comes along JAZZ. I am a jazz enthusiast. I don’t consider jazz to be another genre such as R&B, but the real stuff!! Like John Coltrane, Charlie Bird, Theo Monk and Miles Davis. The only person that even come close to that is this young cat called Christian Scott. He is based out of New Orleans and is about 28 years of age. But he has an old soul and I love him. He is my favorite jazz artist and I have met him several times.

I am also an author and I have written 2 books: The Old Dominion Dental Society: A Path to Excellence ; Black Women Dentists: Inspired, Determined and Beautiful. I am currently working on my new book entitled “ Yellow Gal in a Cruel Black World”. When promoting my book “Black Women Dentists”, I actually went to Jamaica and had a small book tour in which I spoke to an all girls School Called St. Andrews. I encourage the young women to reach for the stars. My host was one of the women in my book who practices on the island as well as in Orlando Florida, Dr. Michelle Charles.

Dr Lori FamilyOne of the most important things in my life is my relationship with God and the wonderful family He has blessed me with. I thank the Lord every day to be able to have a family!! I do not have any children of my own, but I have nephews and a niece who I consider my very own.

My passion is mentoring. Let me tell you why. As a young black woman attending a historically black college in Florida in the ‘80s, I was just so glad and proud to be there. I had graduated from a predominately white high school in rural Florida in which most of the black kids joined the military as an escape. You could not succeed in this region if you were blessed with melanin in your skin. There were no black role models to speak of and if there were, we certainly didn’t know them. Most Blacks that did anything became school teachers or some other kind of educator. Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida, approximately 45 miles from my parents’ house, was a lighthouse. A beacon of light on the shore for a tiny boat on a turbulent sea. When I went there, I was exposed to Black people that were intelligent, studious and ambitious with objectives and goals. I never knew this. These people were going somewhere and were adamant about their perspective paths. They had direction and purpose. They led by example!! This was the beginning of me finding purpose in my life. We, The Old Dominion Dental Society have a purpose. We have done extraordinary things as a collective body and it is upon us to show others that are like us how it all came to be. And with this instruction, we can guide others. Yes, we are all role models to our community. We must encourage young black women and men to consider dentistry as a viable profession for African-Americans.  Let the Church say AMEN!!!

Traveling with family as a child

Sista Chat group in Greece

Dr Lori With Marcus Samuelson celebrity chef in Barbados

Dr. Lori in Jamaica with St. Andrews students

Dr. Lori with Old Dominion Dental Society friends

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