Dr. Lorenzo Modeste

My name is Dr. Lorenzo Modeste and I am a native of Chicago, IL. I attended Eureka College in Eureka, IL with a double major in biology and chemistry, and I also graduated from Meharry Medical College, School of Dentistry in Nashville,TN. In 1991. I moved to Virginia in 1993 to start my dental practice in Hampton, VA, where I have been in the same location for 23 years. I have a great and caring staff and we truly love taking care of our patients.

Dr Lorenzo with sonsI have two boys, Jose and Emilio Modeste. my oldest Jose (18) just completed his first year at the University of Vermont. He speaks 4 languages and has a deep passion for various cultures from around the world. He also is an accomplished piano player. My other son Emilio (16) is a true and upcoming jazz saxophone player. He has toured with Wynton Marsalis and is band leader for the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra band. Both of my boys have always had passion for music and world culture.

I am also intrigued with world culture, music and food. Having a Spanish father and open minded mom has allowed me to see the world full of colors of various world cultures. I have traveled to over 40 countries, and I am particularly proud of my dental missions trips. I have been to Haiti 4 times and Guatemala to participate in dental missions to treat people in need of dental services. I also have participated with the Missions of Mercy project in Virginia where we also provide dental services to individuals from around the state. I also volunteer at Old Town medical/dental clinic in Williamsburg, VA. It’s so amazing how dental treatment can make such a difference in someone’s life, and I am so honored that I can make a difference in someone’s life, one patient at a time.

Dr Lorenzo black beltWhen I’m not working, I love to travel. I also serve on several boards around the Tidewater area. I also enjoy martial arts. I hold a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. It is truly a challenging sport, but the true challenge is challenging yourself to be your best. I also love to bike ride and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. To me the essence of one’s life is to honor and serve people thru your experiences in this  life. I also enjoy reading and one of my favorite writers is Neale Walsch. this quote truly summarizes my thoughts about my life.

“It is this for which every soul yearns. It is this that is the ultimate purpose of all of life. You are on a journey to mastery, returning to oneness, that you may know the wonder and the glory of God in your own soul, express it through you, as you. In a thousand ways over a million moments in countless lifetimes that reach to eternity!!”

Visiting my home in Chicago with my family.

Missions of Mercy in Haiti

Dr. Lorenzo with Judy Greenlea, President of NDA

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