Peter B. Ramsey Mentor Program – Requirements

Our Goal:

Increase the percentage of minorities applying, becoming accepted and graduating dental school.

Our Objectives:

  1. Identifying perspective students who may have an interest in dentistry and cultivate that interest.
  2. Present each student with viable resources and information regarding ADEA Application.
  3. Present each student with information and resources for preparation for DAT (Dental Admissions test).
  4. Identify a successful undergraduate curriculum for each student for future application to dental school.
  5. Present each student with necessary help and guidance to complete their personal statement (essay) for ADEA Application.
  6.  Present each student with opportunities to participate in certain dental society functions.
  7.  Present each student with the opportunity to participate in summer workshop/shadowing (2-Week rotation) with a specific dental society member at their dental practice.
  8. Identify, encourage and secure spots for summer enrichment programs for our perspective students.

PBR applicants must:

  • Have a desire to become a dental professional
  • Have a desire to choose one of the disciplines of dentistry as a career track
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have a high aptitude for Science courses
  • Be entering into 11th grade thru undergraduate college

PBR applicants must submit:

  •  PBR application
  • 500 word essay of why you want to become a dentist.
  • 2 minute biographical video(Youtube)

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